Grit Blasting

If you are looking to prepare a Steel, Stainless Steel, Alluminium, Wooden, Stone, Concrete surface for further work, you may want to try our services.

Grit blasting provides abrasive surface preparation, processes for the removal of surface contaminants such as rust, pain, scaling and processing residue before painting or coating. We provide grit blasting services in our large blast room in Bangor and also on site if required.


We offer dry, wet and soda blasting services accordingly to the requirements of specification.


Possible applications:

  • wet blasting – for graffiti removals, without damaging surface, dust suppression.
  • soda blasting – for car body panels, glass &┬áplastic, fragile materials.
  • Steel and Iron Structure Renovation
  • Industiral Applications (Tanks, Vessels, Bridges, Plant & Machinery)
  • Preparation of Wheels, Frames and Automotive Componesnts
  • Motorbikes
  • Gates, Fences, Radiatiors
  • Garden Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Door and Window Frames
  • Balconies and Balustrades
  • Building Exteriors, Pathways and Patios
  • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications